J. Wayne Weaver, **, Chairman

Clifton E. Sifford, **, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mark J. Worden, **, President and Chief Customer Officer

W. Kerry Jackson, **, Senior Executive Vice President – Chief Financial and Administrative Officer and Treasurer

Carl N. Scibetta, **, Senior Executive Vice President – Chief Merchandising Officer

Marc A. Chilton, **, Executive Vice President – Chief Retail Operations Officer

Terry L. Clements, Senior Vice President - Chief Information Officer

John W. Dodson, Senior Vice President – Store Operations

Sean M. Georges, Senior Vice President – Governmental Affairs and General Counsel

Tanya E. Gordon, Senior Vice President – General Merchandise Manager

Clint R. Pierce, Senior Vice President – General Merchandise Manager

Christopher A. Askins, Vice President - Loss Prevention

Angela J. Brawdy, Vice President - Human Resources

Katrica D. Charley, Vice President - Supply Chain Planning and Strategy

Patrick C. Edwards, **, Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, Corporate Controller and Secretary

David M. Groff, Vice President - Distribution Center

Deborah S. Hannah, Vice President - Marketing

Tim Spotila, Vice President – Store Operations

W. Curtis Wood, Vice President – Real Estate and Market Analytics

Kent A. Zimmerman, Vice President – Consumer Technology & Innovation

(**) Executive Officers